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Visualizing complex algorithms

I have had this idea for a long time about some tool to follow the steps of a complicated algorithm in some way other than stepping through it in the debugger, trying to mentally visualize what's going and frenetically scribbling unrecognizable geometrical figures on envelopes and old receipts. A simple visualization sandbox is useful for visualizing the result, but it's really hard to visualize intermediate steps. GJK is a good example of a complex, iterative algorithm that has a visual representation at every step. A typical demo application would visualize the resulting closest points, normal, etc, but not the internal steps of the algorithm itself , so if something goes wrong, you're screwed. The typical way to deal with it is to write parts of the algorithm in an isolated visualization environment and then lift them over to the real implementation when they are "tested". However, for visualization code to be useful, it needs to stay in the actual implementat