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Smashing tech

Our latest game Smash Hit has gone far beyond all expectations, being the #1 free game in over 100 countries during launch week and approaching 35 million downloads! I will write several blog posts about the technology here, starting with a tech summary of what is being used and then go deeper into each subject in future posts. Physics This is by far our most physics intense game to date. It's almost like a physics playground with a game glued on top. The physics engine is tailor made for this game specifically, but builds on top of the low level physics library I was working on a few years ago. The game is actually a great show case for the low level physics library since it is very non-generic. It's a streaming, highly dynamic world where more or less everything is moving all the time and objects get inserted and removed constantly. Therefore there is no deactivation (sleeping) or islands generation. There are also two types of objects simulated differently. The f